Pardot Consultant

How do you hire a Pardot consultant? At BrandGrow, we have Pardot experts standing by to help you with your needs.

What does a Pardot Consultant do? A Pardot consultant will help you navigate the complex world of marketing automation. They do this by working with you to develop a plan to implement. In most cases, you will work with them until the implementation is complete.

When should I use Pardot? Typically the best use case is with B2B businesses. Although there are industries like real estate where the realtor will use marketing automation to keep in contact with their sphere of influence. Essentially it works great as a tool to streamline the pipeline for long sales cycles.

Example Pardot Consultant Services

  • Engaging prospects to keep them interested.
  • Accelerating the sales pipelines by nurturing leads.
  • Educating prospects with webinar invites and ebook downloads.
  • Target different buyer personas and customer types.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting.
  • Customized automation services to trigger changes to reports and other automated processes.
  • Lead capture and data health checks.
  • Improved communication between marketing and sales.
  • Campaign and marketing budget attribution to email campaigns and other sources like Google organic search, PPC campaigns, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), and referring websites.
  • Improved ROI, customer reach effectiveness, and CLV.

Marketing Technology Services

BrandGrow offers technology consulting which includes Pardot and their parent company Salesforce. To get help with your marketing automation and CRM technology, contact us today.