Hotjar Consultant

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a tool designed to help you get to know your website users better. It serves a dual purpose: first, it allows you to track and analyze users’ onsite behavior. Second, it allows you to gather feedback directly from your target audience.

Does my business need Hotjar?

Any business that sells something online can benefit from using Hotjar because the more you know your customers, the better you’ll be able to market to them and serve their needs. Hotjar helps you to understand not only how visitors behave on your website, but why they behave in such a way—important insights for marketing decision-making.

What does a Hotjar consultant do?

A Hotjar consultant will help you understand your users’ on-site behavior and use that data to make beneficial changes that impact your bottom line. A Hotjar consultant will set up tracking tools like recording sessions, heatmaps, funnel monitoring and more and show you how to analyze the resulting information.

Example Hotjar Consultant Services

  • Install Hotjar and complete setup
  • Set up heatmaps for scroll, click, eye movement, etc.
  • Complete setup, tagging, and sharing of recording sessions
  • Define conversion funnels and analyze drop-offs
  • Create polls and visualize feedback
  • Continuously monitor for opportunities to improve the onsite experience
  • Serve as an ongoing conversion optimization resource

How Can I Hire A Hotjar Consultant?

Hiring a Hotjar consultant is as simple as picking up the phone. Get in touch with BrandGrow today to learn how on-site optimizations can help you grow your business, retain more customers and increase your average sale.