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Emma Consultant

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What is Emma?

Emma is an email marketing platform that helps you send the right emails to your subscribers at the right time. Emma makes it easy to create dynamic campaigns, segment audiences and manage your email marketing strategy across multiple physical locations.

What does an Emma email marketing consultant do?

An Emma email marketing consultant can help you go beyond the platform’s out-of-the-box features and tap into its more advanced functionality, like list segmentation, split testing, heat maps, and content calendars. They can also help you analyze your email campaigns to draw big-picture insights about your audience and its behaviors.

What is it like working with an Emma email consultant?

When you hire an Emma consultant, you get all the benefits of having an email marketing expert on your team without having to allocate a full-time salary to the position. If you’re looking for a mix of expertise and value, hiring an Emma email marketing specialist may be right for your business.

Example Emma Consultant Services

  • Manage migration to Emma from existing email marketing platform
  • Complete integration with other apps like WordPress, Shopify, etc.
  • Set up onsite forms and landing pages
  • Create email templates and drip campaigns
  • Conduct split-testing of subject lines and email designs
  • Create dynamic content for various audience segments
  • Monitor campaign performance and provide reporting

How Can I Hire An Emma Consultant?

Contact BrandGrow today to start getting more out of your email marketing campaigns. Take advantage of Emma’s powerful customization and segmentation features to reach more of your customers at the right time.