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Optimize Your Marketing Technology Stack

Custom Strategy Planning & Services

Your results
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Our clients have seen as much as 39.51% decrease in Cost per Click in PPC, Email Open Rates as high as 40.3%, high intent leads costing as low as $20, and awareness leads as low as $.45.

Our Process

Our process is designed to find all of the holes in your marketing channels using technology.
Then we optimize your marketing technology stack. 

Our experience has taught us how to systematically break down the important optimization steps.
Then, once we have a plan, we work in iterative cycles to refine and continually optimize your program.
It can be summed up as identify, analyze, and realize. View each step in further detail below.


Audience, KPI's, Goals

We start with identifying your companies core pillars of customer success. Including your ideal customer demographic profiles, preferred target audience for growth, what web conversions you want to achieve, and how you want to, most importantly, grow your brand.

Each package you choose has its questionnaire that lets us get on the same page. 

From there we discuss what you need to know about each package, the tactics you need to use, and which channels are going to reach your customers the best.

identify your brand's market position
analyze data from reports


Tweaks, fixes, monitoring

While the campaign is running we are consistently monitoring for improvements. Some we make right away, if they are minor enough. Some we make after we talk to you about them.

Depending on the package type you choose, you can move through changes quickly or more slowly based on your company’s needs.¬†


Conversions, Leads, Reports

Every month we review your progress and point out any major changes pending your approval and minor changes that we have already made.

It is important to continually monitor and improve your strategy based on improvements to your business sales and success. 

What Powers The Growth

A clear methodology

When you go through our on-boarding questionnaire, you will understand what makes us different from other digital marketers.

Reach Your Customers

Based on our initial discovery of your brand's customer base, we can target them anywhere they may be. Mobile, tablet, desktop computers are all part of the ecosystem we use.


Right off the bat, we'll be ready to talk through how to help. Our approach is straightforward solutions-based services that help your company grow.

To-the-point reports

There's no sugar coating it, you need the raw numbers. Since we'll agree up front on audience and targeting as well as KPI's, you maintain control of your goals.

identify the way your brand looks online

Versed Digital Advertising

We only use the advertisers that have shown good results historically for our clients. There is not just one platform that does everything, we'll recommend several ad services for you to try.

Multiple Packages

We grow with your brand. If you want to start off small, that is okay with us. Lets figure out how to get your more sales.


That is a good question, but we really can only guide you based on our free consultation. Contact us to setup a time to chat or read our short guide on when to hire a digital marketer.

We work with companies of all sizes and industries. Our goal is to help you grow and grow with you. The strategies are different for all categories. It is not the industry or size, each company should be treated as a unique situation, where we can user our years of marketing expertise to apply the best parts of strategies that have worked in the past to your situation.

Only a couple of our services have been distilled into packages with one standard price. Even those do not always stay the same. 

We believe that we meet our clients at the right level at the right time. Depending on their objectives, we can always figure out a way to work together. 

Contact us today to see if we can help you grow!

We do not guarantee results in digital marketing because there are a lot of factors come into play that are not accessible to digital marketers.

However, we do suggest tracking your ROI with a healthy realistic approach to understanding your customer. Along with how much it costs to acquire and maintain them. We are more than happy to help set up the tools necessary to make this happen. 

Trial and error should not scare you away from approaching a strategy or tactic. If one campaign delivers poor results, we make notes and move on to the next campaign. It also does not mean all channels will have bad results. 

Generally, it means online-marketing or internet marketing. People often refer to it as “marketing that has to be done from the computer and only shows on connected devices”.

For us, we like to think of the entire marketing strategy and how digital platforms enable us to optimize our workflow from a sales, marketing, and operations perspective.

Once the ‘ecosystem’ of your customer journey is defined, the platforms being used are all accounted for, then digital marketing is the channels used to talk to your customer online (usually). A well-rounded ecosystem may include:

  • A CRM for Customer Management
  • A Website as your digital business real estate
    Use of SEO to maximize your search engine exposure
  • Use of Digital Ads including PPC to reach our audience
  • Use of Content Creation for branding, communication, and authority
  • Use of Social Media to engage with and attract a following
  • Use of Email to personalize communications with customers
  • Use of Marketing Automation to enable repeatable¬†data-driven campaigns at scale

Contact us to get started with any of this.

Yes, BrandGrow is a full-service Salesforce administrator and architect. We have helped companies with millions of contacts move optimize their databases in lots of ways. 

Examples of Salesforce consulting include: 

  • Salesforce architect, use of feature, and overall strategy for the company.
  • Improving the use of Salesforce for your company‚Äôs sales team.
  • Improving the use of Salesforce with different teams such as Marketing and Sales.
  • Data deduplication removal and optimization.
  • Data cleaning and governance optimization.
  • Setting up integrations.
  • Adding new custom fields to capture more lead, contact, opportunity, product or other object information.
  • Migrate data from existing objects or fields to new objects or fields.
  • Monitoring duplicate records for any object types.
  • Auditing accurate lead pipeline data.
  • Build reporting dashboards to show management sales progress per month, quarter, and year.
  • Automate notifications based on specific rules in the objects.

Contact us to learn more.

Yes, BrandGrow with many marketing automation technology companies like Pardot or Marketo. We have helped companies hundreds of lead automations and dynamic content. 

A marketing automation consultant helps businesses increase their ROI using automation tools. He or she will analyze your existing marketing channels and develop an automation strategy that will streamline processes and take the human element out of repetitive marketing tasks, saving you time and money.

With automation, you can make your various marketing channels communicate with one another and work together without your involvement. So, for example, a marketing automation consultant might use automation tools to integrate your onsite lead capture forms with your email marketing platform. Then, a workflow could be set up so that new contacts are instantly sent a welcome email series. Automation can be used in similar ways to integrate your CRM with social media, paid search, and other marketing channels.

Contact us to learn more.

Strictly speaking, PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. It is a describes the paid advertising model available to companies on sites such as Google (the results at the right or top of the normal search results marked as “Ads”). The name comes from the fact you only pay for the advertising when someone clicks on it.

It is commonly used to refer to Google Ads, but could equally describe Bing Advertising, Facebook Advertising or any other kind of online advertising online.

More about digital advertising.

No, we want you to reach your customers in using the most effective platform available. There are many out there, so it is important to gain an understanding of your project in order to choose which is best for your situation. This could include, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, AdRoll, DoubleClick, Pinterest Ads, Instagram Ads, and other predictive platforms.

More about digital advertising.

Local SEO usually speaks to a business which has a local presence within a small radius. Usually within a city or town. The search terms for local SEO are slightly different because they can include the city names within the search.

Email marketing is simply using email as a tool to communicate with your target audience to gain potential customers, engage current customers, and stay in touch with old customers. It also serves as a way to share your brand’s initiatives to those who want to take part in your brand whether or not they buy anything. These types of people are critical to shaping the public view of your brand. Some examples are MailChimp, SendGrid or Emma.

Read more about email marketing.

This is a consultant, independent professional, or agency acting on behalf of your company in a role that is considered to be similar to Chief Marketing Officer. The term is used loosely to describe the engagement with a company as the marketing executive who comes up with the plans, advises the team, and either manages the projects or executes the projects. It is typically expected for this role to set benchmarks and measure success. 

Read more about Fractional CMO and Marketing Advisory.

The Team

The BrandGrow team is a team of local and remote workers who come together to provide the best services to our clients as possible. Contact us to meet us today!