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Google Ads Consultant

Table of Contents

Should I hire a Google Ads consultant?

If you’re having trouble getting results from Google Ads, it may be time to hire a Google Ads consultant. If you’re running ineffective ads, you’re literally losing money with each passing hour. A Google Ads consultant can analyze your ad campaigns and troubleshoot where there’s room for improvement to prevent you from wasting money on ads that aren’t providing ROI.

What does a Google Ads consultant do?

If you’re new to PPC advertising, a Google Ads consultant can help you strategize and launch your first campaigns. If you’re already a Google Ads customer, a PPC specialist can help you get the most out of your ads in terms of cost per click and customer acquisition cost.

How do I hire a PPC management specialist?

You can hire a Google Ads management consultant by working with BrandGrow. We’re experts in running and optimizing Google Ads campaigns to help businesses like yours sell more through PPC advertising.

Example Google Ads Consultant Services

  • Conduct keyword and competitor research
  • Strategize ad sets and ad campaigns
  • Write ad copy
  • Create landing pages
  • Set up and launch campaigns
  • A/B test copy, keyword groups, and ad formats
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Provide detailed Google Ads reporting and analysis

How Can I Hire A Google Ads Consultant?

See what PPC advertising can do for your business by hiring a Google Ads consultant from BrandGrow. Our team of online marketing experts is here to help you run cost-effective campaigns that lead to more sales. Contact us now.