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Optimizely Consultant

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What is Optimizely used for?

Optimizely is a conversion optimization platform. It enables website owners to split-test different variables that impact their website’s performance, including page layouts, button placements, and even back-end applications.  

How can Optimizely help my business?

Optimizely can help your business by allowing you to conduct experiments that will lead to a more memorable, effective interaction with the visitor. For example, you can use Optimizely to roll out a website update to a small segment of visitors to track and analyze how it performs and troubleshoot any issues before rolling it out to your entire audience.

Why should I hire an Optimizely consultant?

Optimizely features a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily navigate the platform without technical expertise. However, if you’re not well-versed in the realm of A/B testing, it will be difficult to get the full range of value from the platform. An Optimizely consultant will lead your split-testing efforts and help you analyze the results to ultimately drive more conversions on your website.

Example Optimizely Consultant Services

  • Complete Optimizely account setup
  • Strategize and set up split-testing campaigns for site design, lead gen tools, back-end functions and more
  • Test different funnel variations
  • A/B Testing
  • Gather insights based on split-test data
  • Make recommendations for UI/UX improvements based on data

How Can I Hire An Optimizely Consultant?

We’re passionate about continually improving your website to make more sales and generate more leads. Contact BrandGrow today to learn how we can help your business optimize your conversion rate through Optimizely.