Shopify Consultant

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform for online retailers. Businesses that sell things online can use Shopify as their point-of-sale system as well as for managing things like order fulfillment, inventory management, digital marketing and more.

What does a Shopify consultant do?

A Shopify consultant is well-versed in the many features of Shopify. He or she can help you design and build your online store, set up your product catalog, and show your team how to use the key operational features needed to run your business. They can also make recommendations for add-on apps to further enhance your Shopify experience.

What is it like hiring a Shopify consultant?

When you hire a Shopify specialist, you get all the benefits of having a Shopify expert on your team without the added expense of a full-time employee. A Shopify consultant works with you on-demand to optimize your online store and troubleshoot any issues as they arise. They’ll serve as a resource and may provide training to you and your team on how to use Shopify.

Example Shopify Consultant Services

  • Design and build an online store or migrate from another platform
  • Set up product catalogs and payment gateway
  • Integrate with third-party apps like Google Analytics and Square
  • Make customizations specific to your business’ needs
  • Recommend useful third-party apps to enhance user experience and efficiency
  • Serve as an ongoing Shopify store customization resource

How Can I Hire A Shopify Consultant?

More than half a million brands use Shopify to run their online stores. Let BrandGrow help you harness the platform for your own e-commerce success. Get in touch with us today.