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Common Digital Marketing Questions, Answered

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We have done our research, heard from many of you and also have received many questions over the years. Here are our answers to the most common digital marketing questions out there.

How do companies use digital marketing?

This one is not as straightforward as you may imagine. Companies have used various methods of communication throughout centuries and the online world has offered a whole new set of mediums for communicating in the past 20 years. In a traditional company, you may use fliers, brochures, billboards, TV commercials and other ways to reach your customer. With digital marketing, a company may use search engine ads, newsfeed ads, PR, social media, and methods of optimizing content so that it reaches the right eyes. Each company chooses which types of communication will work best for them depending on a variety of factors including their industry, customer demographics, level of budget, and complexity of the sales cycle. Companies utilize consultants to help them acheive their goals.

How much do companies spend on digital marketing?

This is a really interesting question. According to Forrester companies will spend an average of 46% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing. That is nearly half of all companies budgets. Your company may be different though. Think about how you could best balance your advertising across all channels to maximize effectiveness. We can help you with this.

What do digital marketing companies do?

No two companies are created equal. In the digital marketing world, this is still true. Some companies are specialized shops, like PPC or Email or SEO. Some are experts in a myriad of areas. If the company does not tell you up front what they offer, it can be confusing. Our services are clearly outlined and we encourage you to read them in more detail here. Our process is captured by our tagline: Identify, Analyze, and Realize.

Why do companies need digital marketing?

Most of the time a company like ours takes this question for granted. We assume that companies already know that they need to be present on the web. However, there are some really good reasons why…

  1. More and more people spend time in front of screens. CNN reports Americans spend upwards of 10 hours a day looking at screens. Which means we can be touched by a marketing campaign during any of those hours.
  2. While there has not been any conclusive study that shows digital marketing ROI is better than Traditional ROI, one fact remains true. That is, it is easier to track ROI when using digital marketing. The technology that powers many of the systems we use built to tie into your own personal analytics ecosystem. This makes spending more effective in the future.
  3. Companies will have to adapt to the online world. Where brands used to have the advantage of one-way communication, people can now talk to brands as well. Social media, online review sites, customer support portals, and other platforms all provide users direct access to the company. This can be great, but it also needs to be addressed. If you do not, it could turn into a negative place for unhappy customers and potential customers.

Have a question about digital marketing? Set up a consultation and we can answer any questions that you have for free.