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Joomla Consultant

Table of Contents

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source content management system made for publishing digital content. Joomla is a great CMS option for those looking for the ability to customize. It has thousands of third-party extensions and can also be customized through template overrides and CSS.

How do I switch to Joomla?

If you don’t have web development experience, migrating your website to Joomla is a task best left to a professional. A Joomla consultant can help manage your website’s migration to Joomla and ensure your files, customer data, and back-end integrations transition seamlessly to the platform.

What is a Joomla consultant?

A Joomla consultant is an expert at building and maintaining websites on the Joomla CMS. He or she likely has web development experience and can create custom coding to suit your organization’s needs.

Example Joomla Consultant Services

  • Migrate existing website to Joomla from another CMS
  • Build a new website from scratch on Joomla
  • Set up templates for website pages and blog posts
  • Integrate Joomla with third-party apps like e-commerce platforms, Google Analytics, et. al.
  • Optimize websites for search engines
  • Act as an ongoing Joomla resource and educator for your organization

How Can I Hire A Joomla Consultant?

BrandGrow takes the headache out of setting up and running a website on Joomla. Let us get your business, non-profit or government organization up and running on the platform today! Contact us now to get started.