Bombora Consultant

What is a Bombora Consultant?

A Bombora consultant is a data analysis professional who is skilled at helping you market to your target audience more effectively by letting you know which accounts want to hear from you and about what services. They do this through analyzing B2B intentional data that gives insight into your prospect’s activity, thus letting you know when to reach out to who and what to say.

How Can a Bombora Expert Give My Sales and Marketing Teams a Competitive Advantage?

The key is knowing who to contact and what to say when it comes to both cold and warm marketing outreach and sales conversions. While you may know who your target accounts are, if you want to drive your conversions up, you need to know the right time. This is done through intentional data analysis of your target accounts, and it is proven to give your sales and marketing teams a competitive advantage in improving their outreach efforts and closing more deals. Your Bombora consultant will let you know which accounts want to hear from you right now before they even land on your website.

Can a Consultant Increase My Conversion Rates?

Successful marketing and well timed outreach are the essential building blocks for increasing your sales conversions. This is precisely what a Bombora consultant provides – the intentional data analysis that lets you know who to reach out to, when to reach to contact them, and what to say. This intentional data leads to a more targeted and focused marketing and sales strategy that let’s track your prospect accounts, prioritizing the ones that are showing that they are ready to buy, thus increasing your conversion rates.

Who Does a Bombora Consultant Work With?

Bombora consultants work with businesses of all sizes as intentional data analysis can benefit companies both big and small. No matter how big your sales and marketing teams are – if they’re just a couple people, or have a whole floor dedicated to them on your corporate campus – they can benefit from intentional data analysis from a Bombora consultant.

How Do I Start Working With a Bombora Consultant?

BrandGrow is your access point for Bombora consulting. Contact us today to start improving your sales and marketing efforts through intentional data analysis.