Klipfolio Consultant

What is a Klipfolio Consultant?

A Klipfolio consultant is an automation pro that can help you track any KPI, across any platform, in real-time, all in one central dashboard. They integrate all of your data-rich platforms into your Klipfolio dashboard so you can pull reports, track, and analyze the data that matters most. Be it for your team’s progress, the stock market, or the performance of your client’s PPC campaigns.

How Can a Consultant Improve My Reporting?

Your business data lives all over the place. From social media to your sales CRM, and all of the communication channels in between. Your Klipfolio consultant will gather all of your data from all of your software and internet-based accounts, and pull it into your Klipfolio dashboard. Instead of searching for and tracking your KPIs in multiple accounts across multiple platforms, you can see what you need to know, and where you stand, in real time. This saves you time and money spent on multiple account research and multiple data tracking services.

Can a Consultant Integrate My Brand into My Reports?

Klipfolio is an analytics reporting platform that can be integrated with over 300 marketing and business data sources. Your Klipfolio consultant will set up your data tracking so that it contains only your branding, not Klipfolio’s, or any other data source, even down to the coding within your reports. Your data and your reports will be solely yours, no matter where the data is coming from.

Who Does a Klipfolio Consultant Work With?

Klipfolio consultant’s work with a wide range of clients who need data tracking. This includes marketing directors and board members who need to track the progress of their marketing campaigns – including PPC and social media – as well as sales and executive account managers who need to fully understand the current state of their client’s processes. Klipfolio consultants also work with those in the financial management industry who need to know how the market (and their assets) are performing, as well as software developers who are looking to improve their platform.

How Do I Get Started with a Klipfolio Consultant?

BrandGrow is your access point for Klipfolio consulting. Contact us today to start tracking and managing your KPIs from any platform, in real time.