Sisense Consultant

What is a Sisense Consultant?

A Sisense consultant is your cloud analytics’ best friend. They embed AI and analytics tracking wherever you need them, across any business platform, so you can deliver real-time insights to your team and your customers. Whatever you need to know about your business, a Sisense consultant can help you find the answer, and in real-time.

How Can a Sisense Consultant Improve my Cloud Analytics?

Sisense leverages the power of AI through embedded analytics to answer any of your stakeholder’s questions at lightning speed. To do this, your Sisense consultant will start by understanding the questions you need to answer, where you need to answer them, and how and when you need them answered. This is the front end of your user experience. Your consultant will set your business up for success on the back end by giving you real-time insight into what your stakeholders are asking, and allowing you to ask your own system questions to better understand the reports you are receiving, all in one incredibly powerful dashboard.

What Industries Do Consultants Serve?

The world of AI is growing as the need for automated intelligence continues to expand. AI is now widely used in a variety of industries. Sisense consultants serve both the public and private sectors, setting up AI within government agencies, private and public healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing companies, as well as retail, software, marketing, and travel agencies. Chances are, AI can improve your business operations and analytics regardless of the industry in which your business operates.

How Can My Business Benefit from Working With a Consultant?

AI can improve your business in just about any facet. A consultant will work with you to understand your business and how AI can improve your processes. This could include your interactions with customers by increasing your customer service response time through chat boxes and analyzing the effectiveness of your sales strategy, to your internal systems by improving how your IT department handles open tickets or finding gaps and flaws in your logistics operations.

How Do I Get Started with a Sisense Consultant?

BrandGrow is your access point for Sisense consulting. Contact us today to leverage the power of AI in your cloud analytics to improve your business processes.