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ActOn Consultant

Table of Contents

What is an ActOn consultant?

An ActOn consultant helps businesses effectively use the ActOn SaaS platform for marketing automation and lead generation. ActOn is a suite of inbound and outbound marketing tools that enable businesses to automate personal exchanges, build customer loyalty and convert more leads.

Why should I hire an ActOn consultant?

Is your business earning to its full potential? If not, you might want to consider hiring an ActOn consultant. An ActOn marketing specialist can eliminate the confusion that comes with setting up sales funnels and managing inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. He or she will ensure your marketing activities are coordinated across channels to increase your traffic, gather leads and convert them into satisfied customers.

Is ActOn right for my business?

ActOn is a good choice for growth-minded businesses who are able to allocate time and resources to marketing. The platform is particularly useful for companies in the following verticals:  banking, wealth management, insurance, manufacturing, technology, and agencies.

Example Services

  • Manage setup of and/or migration to ActOn
  • Create landing pages and contact forms
  • Create email drip campaigns and manage the setup of same
  • Strategize and implement automation processes
  • Onboard and train employees on the use of the ActOn platform
  • Handle content and media creation for marketing campaigns
  • Regularly provide detailed analytics and reporting of performance

How Can I Hire An ActOn Consultant?

Let BrandGrow lead the way to increased revenue growth with the ActOn Saas platform. Our ActOn experts are eager to strategize with you on creative ways to use marketing automation to grow your business. Contact us today.