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OpenCart Consultant

Table of Contents

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a free PHP based e-commerce solution. The open-source platform provides everything you need to create, run and scale your business. Companies can use OpenCart to manage products, strengthen customer relationships, configure shipping and taxes and more.

Is OpenCart right for my business?

OpenCart is free and has no monthly fees, which makes it a great solution for new and growing businesses. With a wide range of available add-ons (some free, some paid), you can customize your store in a number of ways based on how you operate and what you want your store to do. If you’re familiar with e-commerce and have some back-end website experience, it may be a good fit for you.

How can hiring a consultant help me?

While OpenCart is easy to operate, those without website experience will face a learning curve to complete its setup. A consultant will tackle the technical aspect, getting your store up and running and ready to accept customers. This expert can also provide valuable insights to help you grow your business and simplify order fulfillment using the platform.

Example Services

  • Download and upload your files to the appropriate server
  • Configure hosting and domain name
  • Select a theme and upload products
  • Import your customer database
  • Make recommendations for useful add-ons and extensions
  • Integrate with other apps like ConstantContact and Google Ads
  • Analyze store performance and optimize on an ongoing basis to increase conversions

How Can I Hire An OpenCart Consultant?

BrandGrow’s OpenCart consultants can help you build a powerful online store that’s ready to scale with your business. Get the ball rolling by contacting us today.