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SendGrid Consultant

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What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based email automation platform. Unlike other email automation platforms that focus primarily on email marketing, SendGrid is also built to manage transactional emails like shipping notifications, password resets, new account emails and more.

How do I set up SendGrid?

Setting up SendGrid requires a bit of technical expertise. You’ll need to be able to edit your domain’s CNAME records, update the DNS records for your domain host and work with API keys. If this sounds foreign to you, it’s a great idea to hire a SendGrid consultant who can manage setup and implementation for you. 

What does a SendGrid consultant do?

A SendGrid consultant manages all aspects of using SendGrid, from setup and onboarding to email design and campaign planning. Hiring a SendGrid consultant will take the guesswork out of your email strategy and help you save time and money through email automation.

Example SendGrid Consultant Services

  • Manage SendGrid setup and integrate with a website
  • Identify key transactional emails like order confirmations, shipping notifications, etc. and create templates for same
  • Advise on email marketing best practices
  • A/B test factors like subject lines, email design, send time and more
  • Educate your team on email analytics and how to use them to improve ROI
  • Provide regular reports on email performance

How Can I Hire A SednGrid Consultant?

BrandGrow consultants are the experts at using SendGrid to automate your transactional and marketing emails. Contact us today to start a conversation about using email to win more customers and streamline your business operations.