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When Do You Need A Digital Marketer?

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How do you know when you need a marketer? The answer is not always clearcut, but there are several scenarios which we run into more often than not.

Too Many Hats

You already know if this is you… When your role extends to more than one or more roles, it is time to think about transitioning it away from you. When we find clients like this, it means there is someone who has been running the marketing and realizes someone else could give it the care it deserves.

No Skill Set

One of the common misconceptions is that you do not need someone focused on marketing. Now you can have someone do this that is also the head of sales, the CEO or COO, but they do not necessarily have the know-how and experience needed to refine the process in the way grow the brand. Since some of the marketing strategies can be somewhat abstract in nature (the idea of branding, saturation, familiarity, customer perception, etc) people without the proper training, may not fully grasp the skill necessary to grow this side of the company.

Now, as digital marketers, this is taken into a whole new level, because you have to understand how the marketing technology works. When you do, KPIs and goals become more attributable to ROI and the processes can be refined. The bridge between marketing and other departments must stay in-tact, but marketing must be given the muscle and brain power to grow the brand.


Usually, companies are trying to save money by handling the marketing “on the side”. What is great about working with a company like BrandGrow, is we can build ourselves into your budget by focusing on ways to grow your business. When you grow, we grow. This is one option, but you could limit prices as well.

At BrandGrow our primary goal is to grow your business by identifing, analyzing and realizing your brand’s potential. Learn how our services can help you today.