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Adobe Analytics Consultant

Table of Contents

What is Adobe Analytics?

Adobe Analytics is one program contained in the Adobe Experience Cloud. It’s a program that helps companies monitor and utilizes real-time analytics across all of their marketing channels. The platform can help you segment your marketing channels and dive deep into the data to find important customer insights, then integrate those insights into your business processes.

Does my business need Adobe Analytics?

If you sell a product or conduct business online, there’s a lot you can learn from this product. For example, you can use the platform to understand how the source of a visitor changes their activity on your website, or to analyze how customers interact with your menu categories. When you understand how and why your customers shop with you, it’s easier to get more of them to take the actions you want and thus, sell more. 

What does an Adobe Analytics consultant do?

A consultant can help you manage the more technical aspects of the platform, including setup, advanced segmentation, and data analysis. In order to use it effectively, you must first have a working understanding of the entire Adobe Experience Cloud. If you don’t have this knowledge, an expert will be essential in helping you use the platform.

Example Services

  • Complete Adobe Analytics setup
  • Define and set up custom segments and user groups
  • Advise on most important analytics to measure and set up reporting
  • Create data visualizations
  • Assist with interpreting the data and putting it to work in business practices

How Can I Hire An Adobe Analytics Consultant?

Hiring an Adobe Analytics consultant is as simple as picking up the phone. Get in touch with BrandGrow today to learn how deep data combined with marketing can help you understand your customers and grow your revenue.