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DoubleClick Consultant

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What is DoubleClick used for?

DoubleClick by Google is a robust marketing and programmatic advertising platform that enables users to create ads, bid on ad inventory and purchase ad space across display, mobile, video, search and social networks. It’s worthwhile to note that although this platform is owned by Google, it’s a separate platform than Google AdWords or the Google Display Network.

How can this platform help my business?

DoubleClick is useful for businesses who want to get the most cost-effective results possible from their advertising campaigns. It offers more granular measurement and attribution capabilities than nearly any other ad channel, and businesses can harness this data to run only the most profitable ads at the lowest cost.

Why should I hire a DoubleClick consultant?

Though it offers one of the most robust advertising solutions available, it’s not user-friendly to the beginner advertiser. This platform is only available to users with a Campaign Manager account enabled for API access, and you’re not a developer or certified on the platform, you’ll struggle to set up and use it. A consultant will manage the process for you and help you harness the full power of the platform.

Example Services

  • Complete setup and implementation of campaigns
  • Create campaigns and landing pages
  • Strategize ad formats and provide direction to the creative team on images, video, media, etc. to be used in campaigns
  • Select placements and assign appropriate creative
  • Create and install necessary tracking pixels
  • Manage the auto-bidding process
  • Carefully track and analyze ad results and provide regular reporting on

How Can I Hire A DoubleClick Consultant?

We’re passionate about helping you get the most out of every ad dollar you spend. Contact BrandGrow today to learn how we can help your business be seen on more platforms at a lower cost with DoubleClick.