IBM Websphere Commerce Consultant

What is IBM Websphere Commerce?

IBM WebSphere Commerce is an e-commerce framework that helps companies deliver a smarter shopping experience integrated across all customer touchpoints. It includes tools for sales, marketing, order processing, and customer relationship management in a single customizable package.

What is an IBM Websphere Commerce consultant?

An IBM Websphere Commerce consultant is an expert at using the platform to create diverse and meaningful experiences across multiple channels. A consultant can help you choose the right setup for your business depending on what you sell, whether you’re B2B or B2C, the size of your operation and other dynamic variables.

How can I get expert help?

You can get expert help by hiring an IBM Websphere Commerce specialist. An expert will assist you with migration to the platform and will consult with you on the best ways to customize it improve your systems and reach more customers, both on and off your own website.

Example Services

  • Install or migrate from an existing e-commerce platform
  • Make customizations to website architecture, business logic, store data and more
  • Upload inventory and create inventory assets
  • Import customer list and create segments
  • Integrate with payment system, tax system, social media channels, etc.
  • Monitor website performance and use the platform’s powerful data tools to draw meaningful insights
  • Serve as an ongoing resource and tutor for your team

How Can I Hire An IBM Websphere Commerce Consultant?

BrandGrow are the experts at using IBM Websphere Commerce to help your business run more efficiently. Contact us today to talk with one of our specialists and get started selling more.