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Virtuemart Consultant

Table of Contents

Why should I use Virtuemart?

If you run your website on Mambo or Joomla and want to sell products online, Virtuemart is a plugin that can help. It is an add-on for existing websites to enable e-commerce, with product templates, categories, customer management, complex product configurations and more.

What is a consultant?

A Virtuemart consultant will walk you through setting up your online store step by step or may completely handle the process for you. An expert is well-versed in both Joomla and Mambo to make setup simple and painless, much easier than if you tried to complete the process on your own without prior experience.

Why should I hire a consultant?

Hiring a Virtuemart consultant will not only save you time and energy but will help your store make more money. By ensuring your listings are SEO-friendly you’ll attract more traffic, and by creating a store with a seamless user experience you’ll keep more customers on your site to complete the sale.

Example Virtuemart Consultant Services

  • Download and install the platform
  • Integrate with an existing website or make modifications to the site as needed
  • Import product inventory and create product listings
  • Create product categories and menus
  • Import customer and order database
  • Configure payment processing system
  • Optimize online store for search engines
  • Train your team on the use of the platform
  • Serve as an ongoing resource and troubleshoot problems as needed

How Can I Hire A Virtuemart Consultant?

Hire a Virtuemart consultant and begin selling online today. BrandGrow can help you attract more traffic, convert more leads and grow your revenue. Contact us now.