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Ahrefs Consultant

Table of Contents

What is an Ahrefs Consultant?

An Ahrefs consultant is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional who is dedicated to improving your organic website traffic through the use of market research and targeted keywords. Their work includes SEO research into your website’s current content and your website’s speed. These tools help to optimize your website for SEO. Ahrefs consultants also dive into SEO research of your competitors and target market to see where your website currently stands. Lastly, an expert will set up tracking methods for your website so you can see your SEO progress.

Can a Consultant Increase My Organic Website Traffic?

The number one goal for your SEO – and therefore for your Ahrefs consultant – is to increase your organic website traffic. This is done through optimizing your website for SEO through increased loading speeds, content structuring around targeted keywords, seeing how you stack up against your competitors in your target market and setting up SEO performance tracking. When your website is fully SEO optimized with quality content and quick loading times, you are set up for increased organic traffic.

How Do I Know If My Ahrefs Investment Is Paying Off?

You’ll know the ROI of your Ahrefs consulting investment when you start to see increased organic traffic to your website. This can take anywhere from 30 – 90, depending on the state of your website’s content prior to hiring your Ahrefs consultant. High volume keyword-targeted content is key in garnering organic traffic. For best results, you will want to create a high volume of content based upon the SEO research completed by your Ahrefs consultant. Your Ahrefs consultant will help you create SEO tracking metrics so you can easily measure your progress.

Who Does a Ahrefs Consultant Work With?

Ahrefs consultants work with anyone who is looking to improve their organic website traffic through SEO content and tracking. This includes small businesses who are looking to compete in their local markets, as well as major international brands who are looking to beat out their competitors in search engine results.

How Do I Get Started with a Ahrefs Consultant?

BrandGrow is your access point for Ahrefs consulting. Contact us today to start increasing your organic website traffic through SEO research and optimization.