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Heap Analytics Consultant

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What is Heap Analytics?

Heap Analytics is an analytics tool that automatically captures and analyzes user interactions on your website. Heap Analytics tracks events like pageviews, clicks, form submissions and swipes without the need to set up any custom code on your part.

Is Heap Analytics right for my business?

The most important analytics are those concerning user behavior, as this is what drives sales. If increasing your sales and the lifetime value of your customer is important to you, then Heap Analytics will be a useful tool for your business. Unlike other analytics tools, which require manual setup to track some of the most important on-site actions, Heap Analytics captures all of these things automatically.

What does a Heap Analytics consultant do?

A Heap Analytics consultant will help you take the data delivered by the platform and turn it into useful recommendations for your business. A Heap Analytics specialist can help answer key conversion rate questions, like where most of your users are dropping off on your site and which marketing channels hold the most influence over purchase decisions.

Example Heap Analytics Consultant Services

  • Complete Heap Analytics setup and eCommerce integration
  • Define and provide context for key onsite events
  • Set up integrations to join Heap data with data from third-party APIs
  • Identify opportunities to improve conversion rates
  • Conduct A/B testing to analyze the effect on customer behavior
  • Provide ongoing Heap Analytics reporting and analysis

How Can I Hire A Heap Analytics Consultant?

At BrandGrow, we’re passionate about helping our clients use data from Heap Analytics to earn customer loyalty and make more sales. Contact us today and let’s chat about how Heap Analytics can be a resource for your business