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Eloqua Consultant

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What is Eloqua?

Eloqua is a SaaS platform from Oracle that helps B2B organizations create, optimize and manage marketing campaigns. It provides capabilities for email marketing, lead management, marketing automation, and interactive website chat.

Why do I need Eloqua?

If your sales and marketing teams work independently of one another, they’re likely not performing as well as they could be. The most profitable businesses are those that take an integrated approach to sales and marketing. Eloqua helps facilitate collaboration between these two departments and gives your team a user-friendly way to visualize and work together on shared activities.

Should I hire a consultant?

Eloqua is powerful software, but it can be overwhelming for new users. A consultant can help you understand the nuances of the platform and train you on the best ways to use it within your business. Furthermore, a specialist will make sure you’re not missing out on any valuable opportunities to convert more leads using the software.

Example Services

  • Complete technical setup, implementation and oversee team onboarding
  • Plan and execute orchestrated marketing campaigns across email, mobile, social media, search engines, referring websites and more
  • Strategize lead targeting and segmentation to maximize campaign performance
  • Ensure activities are coordinated between sales and marketing teams and make recommendations to improve these efforts
  • Analyze ROI on an ongoing basis and optimize campaigns to continuously improve it

How Can I Hire An Eloqua Consultant?

Stop allowing your marketing and sales teams to operate in silos and see how integrating them with Eloqua can impact your bottom line. Let BrandGrow help you use to analyze and improve your marketing campaigns for increased conversions. Contact us today.