Pinterest Ads Consultant

What is Pinterest Ads?

Pinterest Ads is the component that allows businesses to create and run advertisements on the social media platform Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual organization and search tool that helps users discover and save ideas in a bulletin-board style format.

Do I need a consultant?

If you want to get up and running on Pinterest Ads without errors or wasting money, hiring a specialist is a good idea. A consultant is an expert in helping businesses like yours create winning ads and optimize them to get the most out of your budget.

What does a consultant do?

A Pinterest Ads consultant will assist with ad strategy, ad design, creative and copy, as well as managing and optimizing your ads. He or she will deliver regular reporting to help you understand your ads’ performance and make ongoing recommendations to help you achieve greater ROI.

Example Services

  • Complete setup and integration with website/eCommerce platform
  • Strategize ad concepts and campaigns
  • Create visuals and copy to be used in ads
  • Set up and run campaigns
  • Monitor and optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis
  • Identify opportunities to improve ad performance
  • A/B test copy, creative, landing pages, etc. to boost ROI

How Can I Hire A Pinterest Ads Consultant?

Get more out of your Pinterest Ads with a social media advertising consultant from BrandGrow. We’ll help you harness the power of Pinterest to make your products stand out in front of the right people. Contact us now.