LeadsBridge Consultant

What is a LeadsBridge Consultant?

A LeadsBridge consultant is a professional LeadsBridge integration specialist. LeadsBridge is a lead generation and management software that is fully customizable and highly integratable. LeadsBridge can be integrated into any proprietary or commercially available CRM. It also connects to a wide variety of other marketing technology. Working with a consultant will enable you to funnel and track both online and offline leads generated from ad campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google) email marketing, and other.

How Can a LeadsBridge Consultant Boost My Lead Management Efficiency?

Generating leads is the main goal of your marketing funnel. Efficient lead management requires you to track where your leads are coming from and when they are coming in. This can be challenging when you are running multiple campaigns across multiple platforms. A LeadsBridge consultant helps you gain visibility into your marketing funnel by providing you with audience storage and management solutions for all of your leads in one central location. 

How Can a Consultant Increase My Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)?

Online lead generation is only half of the story. A sizable number of leads are generated offline. This is especially true in the retail industry. A consultant gives you the tools to track all of your leads, both online and offline. Tracking your offline leads gives you the full picture of your PPC campaign, providing you with insight into its effectiveness and where to make changes.

How Can a Consultant Set Up Integration for Me?

This consultant can set you up for success with custom integration. Leadsbridge is completely customizable and fully integratable with over 370 sales enablement tools. This includes major CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot, as well as sales communication tools Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp. A LeadsBrige consultant can also tailor-fit integration inside your proprietary CRM so you can increase your lead management efficiency and max out your ROAS.

How Do I Get Started with a LeadsBridge Consultant?

BrandGrow is your access point for LeadsBridge consulting. Contact us today to begin your journey towards boosting your lead management efficiency and maxing out ROAS with LeadsBridge integration