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Salesforce Consultant

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What is a salesforce consultant? A Salesforce consultant works closely with companies to implement or enhance Salesforce (arguably the most popular sales CRM on the market). Salesforce is somewhat complex due to its size and available components. This makes full use of the product hard.

Working with a salesforce consultant is pretty straightforward. The consultant will meet with you to discuss the job, different options, make recommendations, research company data, development, and implementation, and remain in close contact with the client until the completion of the project. If you want to make good use of the consultant, be sure to take your time and make thorough notes while you progress. Contact BrandGrow for help with your Salesforce.

Example Salesforce Consultant Projects

  • Improving the use of Salesforce for your company’s sales team.
  • Improving the use of Salesforce with different teams such as Marketing and Sales.
  • Adding new custom fields to capture more lead, contact, opportunity, product or other object information.
  • Migrate data from existing objects or fields to new objects or fields.
  • Monitoring duplicate records for any object types.
  • Auditing accurate lead pipeline data.
  • Build reporting dashboards to show management sales progress per month, quarter, and year.
  • Automate notifications based on specific rules in the objects.

How to get a Salesforce Consultant?

BrandGrow works with you to build and enhance your Salesforce. We call it Marketing Technology Consulting. You may contact us to learn more.