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WordPress Consultant

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Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system used to run millions of websites. It’s versatile, user-friendly, and can be customized to work for any business in any industry. It integrates with nearly every other major digital marketing software.

What is a WordPress consultant?

A WordPress consultant is an expert in the WordPress CMS. He or she can take your ideas for your website and help you use WordPress to make them a reality. They can also make recommendations for plugins, integrations and other add-ons that will improve your website and simplify your online sales processes.

Why should I hire a WordPress consultant?

While WordPress is user-friendly, there can be a steep learning curve for new users. A WordPress specialist can save you the time and hassle associated with learning the platform yourself, teaching you only what you need to know to run your website.

Example WordPress Consultant Services

  • Purchase and install a website theme
  • Migrate your website from a different CMS
  • Install the correct plugins for optimal performance
  • Set up your online store
  • Integrate with your other technologies, like your email marketing platform or CRM
  • Train your team on back-end website use
  • Serve as an ongoing WordPress resource and troubleshoot problems as necessary

How Can I Hire A WordPress Consultant?

Hire a WordPress consultant and begin optimizing your website today. BrandGrow can help you improve your user experience, gain more conversions and improve back-end operations. Contact us now.