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Email Studio Consultant

Table of Contents

What does a consultant do?

An Email Studio consultant helps you build more effective campaigns on Salesforce’s Email Studio, which is part of its Marketing Cloud suite. The cloud-based service integrates with the Salesforce CRM to help businesses owners and marketing managers target and remarket to leads.

Should I hire an Email Studio consultant?

If you use Salesforce as your CRM, chances are you’re a good candidate for working with a consultant. A specialist can help you send the right emails to the right leads at the most appropriate stage in the buyer’s journey, taking advantage of the platform’s powerful AI targeting capabilities to convert more leads into buyers.

How do I get help with Email Studio?

You can get hands-on help by hiring an expert. We offer you the expertise of a specialist combined with the flexibility of a consultant, working within your budget to achieve your marketing goals.

Example Services

  • Integrate with your Salesforce CRM
  • Transition to Salesforce from outside CRM
  • Strategize mass email campaigns and 1-to-1 outreach
  • Create targeted content based on user actions and data points
  • Scale campaigns as your business grows
  • Analyze ROI and provide regular reporting
  • Optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis

How Can I Hire An Email Studio Consultant?

BrandGrow can help you maximize the power of your emails using Email Studio from Salesforce. From setup to targeting, optimization to advanced features, we’re your experts. Contact us today for a free consultation.