Crazy Egg Consultant

What is Crazy Egg?

Crazy Egg is an online application that helps you track and understand what customers do when they reach your site. Crazy Egg includes on-site activity tracking and analysis features like heatmaps, session recordings, and A/B testing.

Why do I need Crazy Egg?

You might be happy with the way your website is performing, but what if changing the color of a button could increase your sales by an additional 15%? These are the types of conversion rate optimization variables Crazy Egg is meant to identify and help you optimize.

Should I hire a Crazy Egg consultant?

The world of conversion rate optimization is an exciting but highly nuanced one. A Crazy Egg specialist can help you identify and execute the dozens or even hundreds of small tweaks that will bring your website to peak performance, yielding more conversions and higher sales.

Example Crazy Egg Consultant Services

  • Complete Crazy Egg account setup and installation
  • Take the lead on CRO efforts, including strategy and execution
  • Plan and implement split tests
  • Analyze heat maps and session recordings
  • Gain and deliver customer insights based on the data
  • Conduct ongoing A/B testing to continuously improve the user experience

How Can I Hire An Optimizely Consultant?

Stop guessing and start using data to make decisions to improve your website. Let BrandGrow help you use Crazy Egg to optimize your site for more conversions and sales. Contact us today.