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Touch Bistro Consultant

Table of Contents

What is Touch Bistro?

Touch Bistro is an iPad-based point-of-sale system for restaurants. Built by restaurant industry veterans, it serves the specific needs of food and beverage establishments with a user interface that’s lightweight and uncomplicated. It utilizes customer relationship management within its list of main features.

How will Touch Bistro help my business?

Touch Bistro does more than just take orders. It helps restaurants turn tables faster, prompts staff with upsells, and allows customers to upgrade their orders through a self-service kiosk. It also allows managers to access key reports like total sales, voids and staff activity at a glance to keep tabs on the day’s performance. By using the system to track customers, you can optimize how you serve them and market to them better.

What does a consultant do?

A Touch Bistro consultant helps restaurants get up and running and take full advantage of its features. When used effectively, the platform can help you increase daily profits, boost customer satisfaction and reduce costs. It also makes routine tasks easier for your servers and back-of-house staff.

Example Services

  • Complete customer relationship and marketing setup with team training
  • Track and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Send coupons or allow gift card purchases
  • Set up key reports and educate management
  • Provide direction for best use cases based on the restaurant’s unique needs

How Can I Hire A Touch Bistro Consultant?

BrandGrow are the experts at using Touch Bistro to grow restaurants’ profits and improve customer satisfaction. Contact us today to open the conversation about using an iPad POS system to streamline ordering and increase sales.