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This Week’s Readings In Technology and Healthcare

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Architect Your Solution Before You Buy Your Solution

When building out your martech stack roadmap, King says to focus on people, process, data, and technology — in that order. Often times, martech leaders want to jump straight to the technology, thinking that the right technology will get them to where they want to go. But, the technology doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right people in place to run it and effective processes to manage it.

Amy Gesenhues, Before you rip and replace another martech tool, it may be time to build a roadmap (interview with Ed King, CEO of Openrise)

How should we structure venture capital?

When investing is based more strictly on data, minorities tend to benefit because the data is “blind”.

More and more, however, venture capital firms are realizing that there are huge growth opportunities outside of Silicon Valley. 

Alex Lazarow, Venture Capital Has A Lot To Learn From Fintech: Data-Driven, New Products, And More Access To A Broader Set Of Companies

3 Considerations Before Your Next Martech Investment

  1. Use technology to deepen human ties
  2. Ready yourself for regulations
  3. Invest in tools that add real value

Tiffany Delmore, How to Direct Your Next Martech Investment

7 Biggest Banking & Financial Services Disruptions In 2020

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Blockchain
  3. Big Data
  4. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  5. Cloud Computing
  6. Voice Interfaces
  7. Cyber Security and Resilience

Bernard Marr, The 7 Biggest Technology Trends To Disrupt Banking & Financial Services In 2020

The Future Of Fintech: The New Normal After The Covid-19 Crisis

The prospects for fintech startups has never been better—especially for those looking for banks as customers

Ron Shevlin, The Future Of Fintech: The New Normal After The Covid-19 Crisis

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