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Marketing Technology Consultant

Table of Contents

Any successful business needs to leverage its technology as effectively as possible. BrandGrow can do an in-depth audit of your technology, including your software, tools, and processes, then provide recommendations to improve your martech stack use across departments.

We assist with using existing technology more efficiently or we will introduce you to new technology to boost your sales, increase brand awareness, and increase your customer journey touchpoints. Our technology advisory and audit services include:

  • A full audit of your currently used technology
  • Assistance with planning and executing marketing automation to save time and money
  • Training and communication with third-party organizations for translations and facilitating conversions with customers
  • An introduction to new technologies we recommend based on your setup and needs
  • Website-specific audits if necessary, which include SEO analysis
  • Ad platform audit and on-going management
  • Recommendations for customer experience-enhancing technology
  • A/B testing setup, script setups, conversion code setups, and more
  • Building easy to understand dashboards and analytics for leadership
  • Executing email campaigns and building email templates
  • Managing eCommerce websites and optimizing platform experience
  • Using account-based markeing for highly targeted audience advertising
  • Finding optimal use of CRM to enhance clarity of the pipeline and opportunities
  • Setting up integrations across platforms to sync dynamic data
  • Constructing usable webforms that integrated with crms on mobile and desktop
  • See our Technology Page for more information about the type of technology we use and can help you master!