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Shopkeep Consultant

Table of Contents

What is Shopkeep used for?

Shopkeep is an iPad merchant point of sale system which has website, CRM and marketing features and integrations. It’s specifically designed to serve retail businesses, quick-service establishments, restaurants, and bars. It provides an easy front-end system for taking payments and a comprehensive back-end system for managing business processes like marketing, staffing, and billing. It integrates with e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce.

How do I start using Shopkeep?

To get started with Shopkeep, you’ll need to secure the appropriate hardware and complete the cloud-based technical setup on your devices. It offers both proprietary and open-source hardware solutions and the ability to scale your package based on your business’ size and operating needs.

What is a consultant?

A Shopkeep consultant is an expert in installing and running the cloud-based point of sale system. A specialist will manage the marketing uses, leaving you with a ready-to-use system to increase your sales with the proper integrations.

Example Services

  • Help you select the right software and hardware
  • Set up integrations with your email marketing software
  • Set up integration with your CRM
  • Use marketing campaigns to increase returning visitors
  • Survey and review request campaigns
  • Serve as an ongoing resource and troubleshooter

How Can I Get A Shopkeep Consultant?

Let us show you how easy it is to do business faster and sell more with Shopkeep. It’s not only easy, but fun to use, too. Contact a BrandGrow representative today to get started.