marketing tip 4

Marketing Tip 4: Edward Bernays On Interpreting The Public

I am reading a new book by Edward Bernays about public relations which has some overlap with the work of marketers. I found that it very descriptive of the reason business people find the need for someone specialized in the trade to interpret their customers, potential customers, and stakeholders to them.

Here is the quote, “He Interprets the client to the public, which he is enabled to do in part because he interprets the public to the client. His advice is given not only on actions which take place, but also on the use of mediums which bring these actions to the public it is desired to reach, no matter whether these mediums be printed, the spoken or the visualized word”. Edward¬†Bernays, Crystalizing Public Opinion, 1923.

Marketing tip 4, make sure you understand your customer. If you need someone to interpret your customers, find someone, do not guess.

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