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Top 5 B2C Marketing Automation Software Tools

Top 5 B2C Marketing Automation Software Tools

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Automation saves your time and efforts by performing repetitive tasks, but now there’s much more to just repetitively targeting your customers. It is reported that by sending a personalized or segmented email campaign, you can increase your revenue by 700%.

This isn’t limited to just emails; B2C marketing automation couples the hands-off promotion and segmented emailing power. From multi-channel operations to personalized text reminders, B2C marketing saves your time, money, and satisfies your customers much more than the conventional automation method.

So, what is B2C marketing automation? Below is the list of top five B2C marketing automation software tools. But before that, let’s touch on the basics.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is simply a software platform that performs your marketing tasks repetitively, saving your time and efforts to an excellent extent. Not only this, but marketing automation also supports your leads, saves resources, and grows your revenues with much least effort. But it shouldn’t miss the human touch. To cover this, B2C marketing automation is created to be handy to strengthen your relations with your customers.

What is B2C marketing automation?

B2C marketing and advertising automation involve automated marketing campaigns and messages for your customers individually, contrasted with your business audiences. Therefore, it must be highly personalized and data-based to attract your client regarding his/her specific client journey.

What are the advantages of B2C marketing automation?

  • Your potential customers will never forget your business.
  • Instead of tracking each customer one by one, your team will be able to send targeted and personalized messages.
  • It reduces human error, minimizing the gaps in your marketing strategy and analysis.
  • Your marketing team’s efficiency and productivity will increase to a great extent.
  • Helps in the creation of better-personalized products by tracking data and service suggestions.
  • Satisfies website visitors and customers with personalized content creation.

Besides, there are numerous marketing automation software tools. Here’s the list of top five B2C marketing automation software tools:


Having the luxury of B2C marketing and advertising tools, HubSpot Marketing is built on Free CRM’s footing. This allows you to analyze and use your customers’ patterns to personalize content, messages, and outreach. On top of that, HubSpot’s top customer support is reachable 24/7 via chat and emails. They also offer you a knowledge base, academic courses, a free plan, and various other subscription options. However, marketing and advertising automation features are only for the paid subscriber.


Well-known for marketing automation, ActiveCampaign introduced the visual automation flow builder. Not only this, but ActiveCampaign also offers lead scoring, attribution, website tracking, and multiple other marketing strategies. It also provides a free demo, blog, collection of pre-written messages, and developer documentation. Its expensive subscriptions also include one-on-one learning; however, all subscriptions provide implementation services and data migration. ActiveCampaign has a free trial session, and from there, users can pay for services starting from $9 per month.


Leading in the marketing automation industry, MailChimp allows you to send transactional emails and other segmented messages. The tool also helps you in building visual customer experiences to give them the best possible participation experience. This also unites your prospects and leads, further strengthening your marketing. Mailchimp has a variety of collections, including tutorials, case studies, and guides. Its free trial provides you with email support for one month, while paid users get unlimited chat and email support. Furthermore, the Essentials or higher subscription gives you more in-depth tools for marketing automation. 


One of the leaders in marketing automation, Omnisend, is specifically designed for e-commerce. Its specialty is in integrating almost all e-commerce tools and dozens of pre-written collections of templates for marketing automation. Omnisend offers an onboarding course, while only paid subscribers get live support. Although Omnisend has a free subscription choice, its most automation services are only for its paid users. 


Last but not least, AutoPilot also provides a visual marketing automation workflow creator. But here’s why AutoPilot is unique: it’s much easier to use, intuitive, and offers a set of emojis, custom notes, and stickers. With this, your team will not only collaborate but also with a touch of fun elements in building a series of marketing automation campaigns. Its fantastic features cover its unavailability of built-in CRM. Besides, AutoPilot’s users can use unlimited access to email support. You can buy its Expert Setup and Teaching add-on. AutoPilot offers a free subscription option, and from there, you can buy a subscription for $49/month.

Wrapping up!

So now, you can send timely birthday emails and perform personalized marketing automation to enhance your customers’ experiences by using any of the top five B2C marketing and advertising automation tools. Use these B2C marketing automation tools to engage and convert your clients. After all, personalized, anticipated, and relevant marketing is always better than uninvited junk.