Asheville NC Email Marketing

This short guide was written to help local Asheville businesses utilize email marketing by starting from scratch, optimizing their current efforts, or even using tactics to find gaps in their conversion process.

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How To Start Email Marketing?

Email is an amazing way to track and stay current with your customers, potential customer, and general audience. To get started you will need a few things.

  1. You will need an email marketing provider
  2. A way to capture new subscribers
  3. A marketing plan to reach your subscribers

If you need help getting all this going, we can help. We specialize in email marketing and have helped many customers reach their subscribers in meaningful and profitable ways.

How To Optimize Email Marketing?

Subscriber acquisition is one of the harder parts to gaining a meaningful, interested and engaged audience. Since this is so unique to each business, there is not one easy fix to this. One of the main issues most people face is getting enough traffic to their digital channels so they can capture new subscribers. Another challenge is the capture itself. Technology is awesome when utilized properly, but it can be a bit of a learning curve. We can help you with this too.

Which Email Marketing Platform is Best?

It depends what your goals are. We have used email platforms including MailChimp, SendGrid, Constant Contact, iContact and others. To really get the best system you need to account for the amount of subscribers you will likely have when you start and as you grow. You will also want to think about the amount of emails you will want to send.

The amount of emails and subscribers who will receive them will likely be more complex as time goes on. For instance, if you send a welcome email to everyone who signs up, then you will probably be sending an email automatically to a small group every day. Whereas, if you have a large announcement, you may send it to a big segment of subscribers once to five times per year.

How To Maximize Conversions In Email Subscribers?

After you have your captures setup (or maybe they have been set up for a while and are not performing) you have to start optimizing your conversions. This can take the form of basically analytics to make sure you are targeting the right places where most of your visitors interact, but could also mean A / B testing your acquisition messaging. Have you considered a reward or incentive of some type? It can seem like overkill, but if you really want subscribers, you have to give them the incentive to give you a try. Once they do, they will be rewarded and you can convince them to stick around and buy something.

This is where a lot of businesses fall short and where we have helped a lot of businesses increase their conversion rates. Our services include audits of email marketing channels, marketing automation, and other CRM email technology. Contact us today and let’s get to work