Hello “Null”! (7 Data Management Tips)

In recent weeks, more and more people in the world are relying on data. This is due to the terribly unfortunate novel coronavirus. As a “data person”, I am following the data much more than normal.

It got me thinking about how as marketers we’re constantly faced with old, out-of-date and poorly kept data. I was on a call with Angela Sun, Director of Marketing for Hull.io and she pointed me to their blog post which covers this topic in three succinct chapters. I encourage you to check out their post on data quality in B2B marketing.

Here is a quick synopsis:

Without clean data, personalization doesn’t work. Not only that, but important information needed to carry out business with someone could be completely wrong. Eg. their email address.

  1. Bring all of your data into one place
  2. Define a consistent identity resolution strategy
  3. Create data source groups, followed by a unified data group
  4. Use data processing tools
  5. Implement third-party data enrichment
  6. Whitelist certain segments to prevent bad data circulation
  7. Use defensive coding as a failsafe

Lastly, from myself and my company, I wish everyone who is reading this the best during these really crazy times. Please stay safe and healthy.